GZ PR 1651/1-1 DI 1484/4-1


Distal Pancreatectomy – A randomised controlled trial to compare minimal-invasive distal pancreatectomy to open resection (DISPACT-2 Trial)

Open distal pancreatectomy is the gold standard for surgical treatment of diseases of the pancreatic body and tail. The open abdominal approach itself with its increased surgical trauma compared to minimal invasive distal pancreatectomy is suspected to cause increased postoperative morbidity affecting both the patient and the healthcare system. A systematic review, performed by our group, showed reduced postoperative morbidity after laparoscopic versus open abdominal approaches across the whole field of abdominal surgery.

The minimal invasive approach with its reduced invasiveness promises reduction of postoperative pain and subsequently better mobilisation of patients and less respiratory complications leading to a quicker recovery and a shorter length of hospital stay.

The DISPACT-2 trial examines differences between open and minimal invasive distal pancreatic resection for postoperative complications, further clinical and oncological efficacy, safety, quality of life and costs. In addition, patient-relevant outcomes and oncological safety are assessed. In the case of the same number of postoperative complications and given oncological safety and at the same time improved quality of life, minimal invasive resection should be offered to patients as the first choice.

The trial is registered with German Clinical Trials Register DRKS00014011